Cute Dog Shirts


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After a day of walking our dogs around the neighborhood. Feeding them in the morning and again in the afternoon. Playing catch with them at the park. Taking them to the vet for a check-up. It is nice to know that we are appreciated by them with this t-shirt that says it all.


Material: Polyester


Type Size Neck(in) Chest(in) Back (in)
I Love Mommy XS 9.4 in 12.2 in 8.7 in
S 11.4 in 14.9 in 9.8 in
M 13.4 in 16.5 in 12.2 in
L 15.4 in 18.5 in 14.6 in

Type Size Neck(in) Chest(in) Length (in)
I Love Daddy XS 8.7 in 12.2 in 8.3 in
S 9.8 in 14.6 in 9.8 in
M 12.2 in 15.7 in 12.2 in
L 14.6 in 18.1 in 14.6 in



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