Reading Glasses Folded into a Keychain


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Forgot your reading glasses?  Tired of squinting your eyes to order a 3-course meal from that fancy menu with tiny fonts? Can’t quite figure out the grams of fat in that chocolate bar?  Put your car keys into this keychain that holds your reading glasses and you will never again have to worry about ever forgetting your glasses. Just slide the glasses out of the keychain and clip them on to your nose.  The glasses make a snug, comfortable fit and also look great. Choose the farsighted prescription that best suits you. If you are just starting to get farsighted (usually starts in your early 40’s), theses glasses are ideal for you since you may only occasionally need reading glasses.  If you give this as a gift to someone, they will always remember you whenever they at first think they forgot their reading glasses but then realize there’s one conveniently hidden in that tiny keychain that’s always with them.

Lens Height: 2.2cm
Frame Material: Titanium
Lenses Material: Acrylic

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